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    Dynamically update 'title' attribute


      Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.


      I want to create a dynmic "tooltip" for an imagemap.  I'lll need to pass a variable to a call on a seperate cfm template to find the price of an item the user hovers over.  There is the CFTOOLTIP tag, but I'd really like to use custom javascript tooltip I've been using for static tooltips, as it allows the tooltip to follow the cursor. (http://boxover.swazz.org/)


      I've attempted to use cfdiv like this...



      <map name="map">
      <area shape="rect" TITLE="header=[] body=[<cfdiv bind='url:\getprice.cfm?item=2112'></cfdiv>]" coords="72,162,133,178" href="/cart/product.cfm?item=2112">



      Obviously, the problem there is that you can't put a div inside a titletag.  So, is there any method to bind content to the atrribute of a tag?