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    Grabbing Kuler color in WinXP PS CS4

    cheska99 Level 1
      Ive gonbe to Kuler site and identified the perfect color in one of the swatches. What's the best and/or quickest way for me to grab that color and bring it into the PS CS4 file I have open? And what's the best way to learn how to use Kuler, as I'm brand new to it. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
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          PMM Adobe Employee

          There are several ways you can bring the swatches into PS CS4.

          1. You can save your theme publicly and then download it from the Kuler panel in PS CS4 (found in menu Windows --> Extensions --> Kuler). To download from the panel - go to browse mode, find your theme, click on it, then click on the arrow on the right, and select "Add to swatches panel."

          2. You can download your theme from Kuler.adobe.com as an .ase file and then open up the file in PS CS4 via the swatches panel.

          3. You can download your theme as an .ase file to your desktop via the Kuler Desktop AIR application, and then open the file from PS CS4 (select the "load swatches" command in your swatches panel drop down list).

          In terms of resources on how to use Kuler - There are a number of videos provided by Adobe as well as by talented members of the community. Check out tv.adobe.com as a place to start- http://tv.adobe.com/#se+kuler. The Creative Suite Podcast video titled "Creative Suite Podcast - Designers - Discover Adobe Kuler" goes over the basics of using the website. Other great videos on Adobe TV review how to make the most of Kuler and also show you how to use it with your CS4 applications (and AI CS3).

          There are also a number of other videos on YouTube and other sites on the web that review how to get started with Kuler.

          Thanks for using the site, and definitely let us know what you think!

          Best regards,
          The Kuler Team