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    Can't burn Video Disc


      I'm trying to burn a DVD disc of home video.  I captured video to an mpg file using TV tuner card and software (Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1250).  I can open mpg file with Adobe Elements 7.0 but cannot burn to DVD disc.  When I get media, it successfully performs indexing and conforming.  When I burn to DVD, it proceeds with encoding and compiling.  But when it starts actual burn, it stops with unknown error.  DVD burner light blinks for awhile, then disc ejects with error dialog.  I've spent hours online and in owners manual, and have tried many suggestions.  Exporting to DV AVI then importing into new project did not correct problem.  My system is a descent high-end system.  I can provide any specifics needed to debug this.  Any help is appreciated.