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      I have an order form and for every jorder i need to display job information

      User enters Order number and based  this order number, i need to disply Job information. An order can have more than one job


      Any help would be appriciated




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          pguerett Level 6

          Can you explain a bit more? Where does the data live? Are you making a print solution or is this an interactive system? Are you expecting to work on one order at a time or are all orders displayed?



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            MsPatil Level 1


            I have one table with order data and other with job related data....like

            master and detail

            When user enters order number then I want to display all its job



            For ex: order number 1111 can have two jobs 0001 and 0002


            Please let me know if still not clear



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              pguerett Level 6

              Where is the data coming from ...an XML file?



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                MsPatil Level 1

                Database table(sql server)

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                  pguerett Level 6

                  Ok now I understand. You can certainly connect the form to a database an execute SQl commands to get the data out but that means that each machine that will access the DB has to have a dataconnection on it (only available for windows machines). If you are intending on using Reader as the client then the form must be extended using LiveCycle Reader Extensions. If you are using Acrobat then Reader Extensions is not required.


                  Do you still want to proceed?



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                    MsPatil Level 1

                    My form works good if the order has one job, but if it has two jobs then it

                    displays only second one 

                    I use livecycle 8 to design the form and acrobat to run the form

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                      pguerett Level 6

                      OK ....


                      You will have to execute SQL commands to get the appropriate records. You will have to write script to make this happen. There is a good blog on this technique at this link:




                      There are other good database related articles up there that you may want to check out.