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    Button hit frame overlapping


      on my stage are 5 buttons, each with the name of a product.  i want to be able to hover over each product and see a Description of the product with a "learn more" link at the bottom of the description.  the problem is that i want the Descriptions for each product to appear in the exact same place.


      1. if the hit area of each button covers only the button itself, you can't click the "learn more" link because it disappears when you move off the button
      2. if the hit area of each button covers the Description area, the hit areas overlap each other.  this causes the Description to always show the same thing (i think it is the Description of the last button i added) if you are hovering over anything besides an actual button.


      is it possible to have overlapping hit areas?  do i need to use actionscript, and if so how would you proceed (i'm a newbie)?


      thanks in advance for any help!!