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    looping video and flash - for a presentation


      Wondering if someone out there is able to give me some advice? (pretty please) Flash is not my strong point.


      I've created a bunch of looping animations in After Effects. They sequence together, and will be screened via a projector during a kid's theatre performance.

      The premise is that one of the actors (a business man) has made these animations to go along with a presentation he's giving.


      for example:


      There's a movie with four runners jogging along (looping animation).

      Actor says a line of dialogue, then hits space bar


      The last runner moves into second place


      which then immediately rolls into another looping animation of that runner in second place.

      Actor says another line of dialogue, hits space bar

      the same runner moves into first place


      then rolls into a looping animation of that runner in first place.



      The above sequence is made of 5 seperate movie files.


      Initally i was planning to do this in Powerpoint, but then after trying it with a couple of movies i remembered that POWERPOINT SUCKS B@LLS. (there were heaps of pauses and it was hardly seamless)

      Do you know how i could link these animations together using actionscripting in flash? (I realise i'm probably going to need to re-export the quicktime files as .flv's)


      I've attached an example of the looping run animation