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    Publish to SWF issue?

    loosepaint Level 1

      When I publish to SWF, I'm getting some extra space tacked on to the right and the bottom of the flash file.  Like a margin or padding.


      The finished SWF has a black background and since all testing was in IE against a white background, I didn't notice it.


      When I inserted the SWF into my web page with a black background, I could see the white border on the bottom and right.


      It's not the html.  I went back into FC and ran the project and I could see that it's off there too, so it's publishing that way..


      It's about 1/2 inch of extra space on the bottom and the right.


      My PS image is 1024x625.  I did a screen capture and brought into PS and measured, and the black background is exactly 1024x625.


      Any ideas where the extra space might be coming from?  I checked my PS file and there's nothing hanging off the edges.  All content is within the 1024x625 area.