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    Completely baffled and frustrated on exporting media CS4 w/ Vista 64 Ultimate...


      I can't seem to get any of my projects to export on CS4 using Vista64 Ultimate. It just pops open the screen on the options and then a bar comes up stating it is exporting, but the media encoder never shows up. I have upgraded to the newest version of CS4, but that doesn't help. I upgraded my vid card drivers, still no go.


             I have tried two different types of video formats that I work with and both have with the same result. So, the next step I tried was to take my project and put it on another machine that is a bit slower, but could still handle the job. Well, that sort of worked. First of all, it is on XP Pro and so that solved the export poblem with the .FLV video files, but it does NOT recognize .MTS files. It doesn't even give me the options to use AVCHD on the preset menu....(it actually is missing alot of the presets). That one was also upgraded to 4.1 of CS.



           So, I have two problems and I just need to solve one or the other and I will make due. I would love to solve the Vista issue...if anyone has an idea I can try to solve it, that would be great. My specs on that machine are Q6600 quad core, 4GB Ram, 8800GT vid card, Vista Ultimate 64. The other machine is an AMD Athlon X2 5600+, 3GB Ram, Geforce 6000 series vid card.


          Please....any help would be great....trying to export my 4month old son's videos we have recently taken.



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          fuaho Level 1

          Not quite enough info from you to help directly, so try this:


          Start\All Programs\Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium\Adobe Media Encoder CS4


          Does the Media Encoder open??


          No - Call Adobe Tech Support


          Yes - File\Add Premier Pro Sequence


          Browse to the project folder and double click the name of your desired project = MyProject.prproj


          This will open a window showing the sequences in the project. Click on the desired Sequence. Then click OK.


          Click on Settings...


          Click on Format. It sounds like you're doing Flash, so choose FLV/F4V.


          Click on Preset and select from the drop down list.


          Since we're only testing simply pick one, don't change anything in the preset, and click OK. .


          If you want to change the Drive:\Directory\Filename, click on Output File.


          Click Start Queue.


          This will tell you if the problem is with AME or the link between PrPro and AME.