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    Transitions in PE7

    COLawrence1947 Level 1

      Many transitions do not seem to work in PE7,  for example cross dissolve or pinwheel.  However some do, for example flip over.  The preview does not work and prerendering does not fix it either.  All I am doing is splitting a clip where I want the transition and then dragging the transition thumbnail over the cut and choosing center at cut.  What am I missing?  Platform is 64-bit Vista Ultimate (dual processor Pentium) with plenty of ram (8 GB) and plenty of hard disk (4TB).


      Charles Lawrence

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          Kodebuster Level 3

          I'm sure the resident experts will weigh in but I believe it has to do with an insuffcient number of handles at the lead-in/out of the cut clips.


          For some transitions a low handle count may be okay, but certain transitions have issues if the handle count is not at least 15 or more...

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            COLawrence1947 Level 1

            Thanks Kodebuster,


            That being the case, how do you get more "handles"?  Increase the transition time?  I have it set to 2 seconds now.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              When one sets the In and Out Points on a Clip, they must consider the number of "frames," that are included in the Handles of the Clip. Without the proper number (think about the Duration of the Transition) of frames, then things do not work, as intended. Always shoot more footage at the beginning and the end of a scene, than will be used in the finished Clip.



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                Kodebuster Level 3

                You may also want to review this thread.


                Hunt gives a lot of detail and insight on handles and Transitions:



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                  COLawrence1947 Level 1

                  Hey wine_snob and kodebuster,


                  Thanks for the tips on handles.  I now see that after splitting the clip where I want it, I have to trim the "out" point of "a" and the "in" point of "b", and close the gap in order to get the transition to work.  That was really confusing and baffling at first as to why the transitions didn't seem to work.




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                    Duke Peter Level 1

                    If the "handles" are too short, PE repeats the last frame of each clip as necessary, so you get frozen action during the transition. Many times this doesn't matter.


                    Unfortunately (in my view) PE ignores the default transition length and automatically reduces the transition duration to suit whatever handle is present. This means that after applying the transition, I have to open the transition properties and set the duration to what it should have been and often I have to set the transition to be centred on the cut as well.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      I have not noticed PE reducing the Duration of a Transition, due to Handles, or lack thereof, but would imagine that it would be a good thing to do, as it would allow one to work with existing Handles, and get the job done, with just the shortening of the Transition's Duration. In PrPro, things are far less "automatic," and one quickly gets the informational message, about the replicated/repeated still frames. I would think that PE would just do what it could to get things in order.


                      Thank you for pointing this out.



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                        Peter Duke Level 1

                        You see my preferred workflow is to not use handles.


                        When recording sightseeing holidays (vacations to you ), 1 hour of videoing may have 200 (sometimes 400) clips in it, averaging 18 seconds each. Many clips would be only 3 or 4 seconds long. Most clips will not have transitions between them. Adding handles would significantly increase shooting time when time is short, particularly on a guided tour. It would also increase the editing time, and I am way behind already . It is not practicable to think at the time of shooting, where transitions will be applied during the editing phase.


                        My old camera was a bit slow switching off, so often a clip would have unwanted movement at the end, which I would have to nip off during editing. I don't normally trim at the start of a clip. A transition thus applied will see no handle to the right and a very small handle to the left. The transition then ends up only the duration of the unwanted bit, and has movement in it that I don't want to see, even in a transition, Also, the transition is not centred on the cut where I wanted it. There is no way to make PE accept my defaults (that I know of) under these circumstances, and there is no way to avoid the unwanted bit getting into the transition other than to cut off more than I originally intended. PE is just not designed for the way I want to work.


                        Pinnacle Studio behaves differently. Bits you cut off remain cut off and it always makes handles out of the ends of clips and pulls all video to the right of the transition to the left, to give some overlap. This is feasible in a basically one track editor but wouldn't work so well in a multi-track editor such as PE. (I normally only use one video track in my work.) Instead of pulling all video to make an overlap it could repeat the end frame to give a frozen handle, just as PE does if you bully it. I think it automatically repeats frames only if there is no handle on both clips where the transition is applied.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9
                          Pinnacle Studio behaves differently. Bits you cut off remain cut off and it always makes handles out of the ends of clips and pulls all video to the right of the transition to the left, to give some overlap.




                          PE will basically do the same thing, if one sets the In & Out Points a bit further into the scene. This can be done in one of several ways, but probably the most often used are:


                          1.) In the Timeline, just click and drag the Head, or the Tail of a Clip

                          2.) In the Source Monitor, click on the In Point and Out Point icons to set these at the CTI


                          I normally edit on one Video Track, until I need the additional ones for PiP, Titles, etc. Now, what I do not use is Sceneline, but that's just my workflow.


                          Good luck,




                          PS probably a holdover from my film days, but I always start the camera before the action and leave it on until all action has stopped. With film, if one did not have Handles, they were hosed and something had to be done at an "artistic" level to accommodate it.