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    AS3 Issue with live streaming to an FMS.


      Hi everyone,


      First I'll try to explain the situation.


      We have an application that retrieves 2 different cameras, from these two cameras six NetStreams are established. Each camera attaches to three different streams (High, Medium, and Low). These streams are published to a FMS 3.0.4 server were clients connect, do a bandwidth check, and then grab the stream that suits there connection.


      Okay now the first problem that arose was that we're unable to stream three different quality streams from the same live feed.


      When we do a Camera.getCamera("0"); It returns a Camera object, but when we do it again we now have two Camera objects of the same camera. Now when the code is executed in flex 3, and a break point is place on that line, the two camera objects have different memory addresses. Indicating to the average user that they are two different objects. But when one of the camera object properties changes it also changes in the other.


      I can only surmise from this that they are two different pointers to the same object. Which raises the problem of how do I change the width, height, fps, bandwidth, quality and KFI to stream out three different NetStreams, referencing the same camera.


      The second problem has to do with the FMS, I have watched the Will Law, Adobe Max presentation on Multibitrate video for HD experiences, and noticed that he mentioned something about bandwidth degradation. Does this issue exist in 3.0.4, if so was it fix in 3.5.


      At the moment our client is noticing that after a couple hours the streaming video from the FMS is loosing quality, after an examination of the clients screen capture I noticed that the quality of the image was fine, but the stream was dropping a lot of frames.


      So to simplify:

      1. How do you stream multiple live feeds from the same camera at different bitrates/quailties?

           (NOTE: i have noticed in Adobe flash media live encoder 3, you are able to do this. Our solution needs to be built into the application, so can it be done in AS3?)

      2. How do you avoid the bandwidth degradation on the FMS?



      Stephen Thompson


      Eyecon Pty Ltd