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    Displaying Text/Objects above FLV clip


      I have a FLV clips that needs to be playing continuously in the background. I have imported FLVPlayback component in the library and wrote few actionscripts to load FLV and play in loop. I created another Layer on the top and want to put few Text objects that show dynamic numbers. But as soon as FLV starts playing, it overlaps everything in the upper layer and Text objects are hidden. Can anyone tell me if this is how flash works? or is there a way around?


      Complete picture: I am embedding swf in a c# application and I am directly calling actionscripts methods from within c#. And my application periodically sends out dynamic texts from c# to flash. Everything works great but when I play FLV video at the background, none of the objects Text objects are visible. I tried placing other symbols, graphics over video layer but no luck too.