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    Association Property Ordering




      I'm having trouble with unordered association properties...

      Basically I get data conflicts because the order on the server does not match the client (because I may sort them on the client)

      I'm using the HibernateAnnotationsAssembler... and after tracing through the code I can see the conflict is a result of the order test in the HibernateAssembler's propertiesConflict( ... ) method.


      Is there any way I tell it that the association is not ordered?


      In my Java class I have:


      private Set<Item> mySet = new LinkedHashSet<Item>();

      @OneToMany(fetch = FetchType.EAGER)

      public Set<Item> getMySet() { ... }

      // public setter follows...


      And in my destination config:


      <one-to-many property="mySet"  destination="..." />


      I hope I didn't overlook something obvious... Since the propertiesConflict method checks if the property is ordered I'd imagine there's a straightforward way to set it without resorting to something ugly.  Please help!