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    How to depoly flex on Linux?

    shi liu

      If I develop a flex program (flex + Java) on Windows OS, can I and how do I deploy it on Linux?


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          Richard_Abbott Level 3

          shi liu,

          this is more of a problem for your users than for you. I imagine you have already sorted the Java side by using a Linux J2EE server such as Tomcat. Your server doesn't have to do anything with Flex except serve up the SWL file along with the HTML./JSP pages. It is the client browser task to actually display the contents using the Flash plugin. You can advise your users that it is required, and point them to the Adobe site (the template HTML file generated with your project does just this) but you cannot make them actually install it, so you need some kind of defensive HTML as a fall-back in case they choose not to install the plugin. But it is not a server-side problem, just a user-experience one.


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            shi liu Level 1

            Dear Richard,


                Thank you for your quick reply.

                We had a program developed by Flex + Java, and the Java program was

            developed by JNI wrapping C++ dll. We depolyed this program on the Tomcat

            server and it can be viewed by users through IE neatly. All this happends

            on Windows.


                So as you suggested, this can work well on Linux by natual (Tomcat

            server deployment). Just viewers (Windows or Linux) need a browser with

            Flash supported. Am I right?




            Liu Liyan(刘丽艳)

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              Michael Borbor Level 4

              Yes you're right, that's how cross-browser development works.

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                Richard_Abbott Level 3

                Liu Lyan,

                yes that's right. I haven't had to do the cross-platform work to Linux, but have ported the same Flex app to several wb servier environments, swapping between IIS/ASP and J2EE (both WebLogic and Tomcat) with no change at all to the Flex. If you use server-side functionality like database access then obviously there's a small cost to rewrite those pages, but overall it's straightforward.

                About the only thing you have to confirm is that your users have a browser with Flash plugin installed, but that's true of Windows as well!