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    problems with anonymous to Adobe ID ADE


      Dear All,


      due to problems to download and read new ebooks (error: E_LIC_RESOURCE_UNKNOWN)
      , my ebook seller recommended me to install the ADE new version.


      I have downloaded and installed the newest Adobe Digital Editions Software (1.7) in

      my laptop and desktop PC. Until now I had an anonymous activation in my laptop

      computer (where I have my ebook library).


      Upon installing the program I have activated it with my Adobe Online ID in both computers .

      After completing the activation, I have found that no longer could read my old purchased ebooks

      in my laptop computer. I have managed to download again in my laptop some acsm files related to my library,

      and I am able to read ebooks purchased before december 2008. But I can not read those purchased

      after that date, and the program shows a new error message:




      Do you have a solution for this problem?


      Thanks a lot


      Yolanda Perez