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    Control for 'ports' management, grid or tile control?!




      I want to make a control for 'ports' management where I can select multiple ports with mouse(mouseDown-start port, mouseUp-end port) and for the selection i can set the type changing it's color.


      Now I'm using a TILE with a repeater using as Item a custom Canvas that has HRule,VRule as borders so I can set only the borders that I want to make the Big Selection of multiple ports as in the next image.


      The problem is the performance, now I'm using only 1500 ports and it takes a few seconds to draw but for 65565 (this value I need) i get error "A script has executed for longer than the default timeout period of 15 seconds."


      Any other ideas? also there is a control(slider) where i can set the number of ports for each line...