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    CS3 Support for Canon Legria range?

    Matt Petersen

      My School has, in the past, taught basic shooting and editing via Canon DV tape cameras (MD225's) and Premier Pro CS3, both of which we have a significant investment in.


      Canon has recently discontinued their DV cameras in favour Flash and HDD based models, and as I need to acquire a stack more cameras, I'd like to know if anyone has had any experience using the MPEG2 footage captured by the Legria FS200 in CS3.


      I am aware of several previous discussions on MPEG editing (some of which I have participated in), none of which has been encouraging, but I guess I am just double-checking if (a) MPEG support has changed or improved in CS3 recently, or (b) the footage captured by the FS200 is for whatever reason compatable with CS3.


      kind regards


      Matthew P