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    Import BlazeDS/LCDS Service


      I have BlazeDS turnkey 3 running happily on my Mac.

      I followed the instructions to unzip the samples source files then create new projects using these sources OK.


      As an example I have created a project using the testdrive-webservice sample.

      When trying to 'Connect to Data/Service' > 'BlazeDS' service type an authentication dialog appears asking for RDS/Administrator username etc.


      I cannot find any reference to this, and when trying any user pass combination or checking the 'No password required' box no error is produced until you proceed to the next step. Which is 'New Flex Service' dialog, 'Import BlazeDS/LCDS Service' dialog which has 'connection refused' at the top.


      The only way I have found of resetting this problem is by re-starting Flash Builder.


      Any ideas?




      A copy of the java exception is attached.