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    How I export from HDV to SD (DVD)... What about HD versions suitable for Macs and Pcs?




            I have just finished editing a short movie based on some high res stills combined with some 1080i HDV footage.


         After completing the edit in CS4 (in a HDV 1080i environment) I went through Adobe Media Encoder in order to downsize and converting into an m2v file ready for my Encore project.


         As you probably well know this is far from satisfactory in terms of the down sampling capabities shown by AME as well as the lack of proper colour conversion.


      So, after giving up on the Dan Isaacs method, AVI synth didnt seem friendly to this user... as well as the inability of CS4 to frameserve..


      • My solution was to exported the Microsoft AVI using the HUFFYUV codec at 100% - With Progressive scan, when ever I interlaced my output it showed obvious interlacing in my player, odd or even fields first...


      • I then used VirtualDub to do the down sizing


      • Finally Procoder 3 to convert to m2v.


      The results still have no proper colour conversion properties but look much sharper than the regular CS4 encode using AME


         OK, that took an eternity to discover and still leaves me with another problem.


      I want to export straight from CS4 to media type that can be played on both PC and Macs in HD.


      Before I go down another gruop of dead ends and trial and error discoveries, could anyone here suggest a recomended and successful workflow?


         Many thanks,