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    Resize flash movie.

    Sreelash Level 1

      Hi friends,


                     Actually my doubt concerns with resizing a flash movie when a browser resizes. The flash movie is a slide show. In flash I have scripted to resize the image using onResize event. Also it's working finely when opening on flash CS3. But when I opened the same on a browser and resizes the browser, the flash component is not resizing. Can I use any javascipt function for this purpose. If so can anyone describe, how it could be. Because I don't have any idea on javascript.


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          C-Rock Level 2

          I generally put the whole slide/page into a movie clip and use this code on resize to center it. In your case I would use the same code but inside the listener fire a function call where you'll resize each item?


          //        size listener

          pageSizeListener = new Object();
          pageSizeListener.onResize = function() {
          mainPage._x = Stage.width / 2;
          //pageMC._y = Stage.height / 2;
          mainBackground._x = Stage.width / 2;