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    Adobe Reader 9.x Plug-in problem !?


      Hello everyone,


      We have developed a Acrobat Reader plug-in (.api) that appears as a button within the Reader to call some additional functionality for an opened PDF document.


      Now we have a problem with a desktop application which should start an IE7 instance to display a PDF document in it.
      On executing the function, the application freezes for ~30 seconds. After that a global Adobe Reader error pops up and the browser shows that the program could not display this website. The used PDF client is Adobe Reader 9.0.0/9.1.0.


      The problem occurs only if our customized plug-in is included within the Reader's plug_in directory.
      But PDF documents can be displayed without any problem if the documents are opened directly with Adobe Reader itself or also directly in the Internet Explorer 7.
      Also with the old version of Adobe Reader 8.x there are no problems at all in any of the mentioned systems.


      The desktop application is based on "Remedy" and uses some of ist internal functionality to open the new window that should display the PDF. That's unfortunately all we know about that system.


      Does anyone has any ideas/experience with a problem like that?


      THX in advance.