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    FW CS4 hotspots/slices stop working


      Hello. Hotspots and slices in my navigation bar stopped working after awhile, although at times they work. When I previewed the pages in browser (preview all in browser), they worked but after a while (no changes to the nav bar) they  stopped working. So, what used to work when I previewed my prototype site in a browswer and navigated from one page to the next, no longer works now. I can click one link on the nav bar but have to go backward in my browser to get the main page to be able to click another link (vs. just clicking on any link from any page).


      Note that I am not confident of how well Fireworks is behaving since I did have some internal error messages. However, the pages did work after that, although they don't any longer.


      Do I need to reinstall Fireworks? Should I try something else?