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    Importing AVCHD from a continuous record

    pebalsamo Level 2
      Hello everyone... I just purchased a few of the Panny HMC 150 cameras and shot with one of them for the first time this weekend. I just used one as an extra camera to kind of get use to it. I know that since the memory on the SD Cards is FAT32 that you have the 4gb limit and if you are continuously recording the clips are split at that 4gb limit. So how do I edit those in Premiere CS4 without having a few missing frames? Currently we shoot with Sony HDV Cameras and along with shooting to tape we also shoot to CF Cards with a Sony recorder, and we have the same 4gb limit obviously. Sony has a utility that we use to transfer the clips from the CF Card to my HDD and it stitches the clips back together seamlessly. I am assuming that Panasonic has something similar but I cannot find it anywhere.


      This is how I have tried to get it to work so far. I just copied the "PRIVATE" folder from the SD Card onto my HDD and then used Premiere's Media Browser to import the clips. I thought that maybe Premiere would stitch them together since it supports AVCHD and there is no other way to capture except on a SD card which is always going to have the 4gb limit. So it did not combine the clips so I just figured that I could drop them on the timeline and but them up and it would work, but I am seeing a very small glitch and each split.


      Any help with this would be great. We mostly shoot weddings and there will be quite a few times where we will hit that 4gb limit.


      Have a great day...