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    CR2 not read by CS4 from Canon SXi


      I am unable to read RAW files (CR2) from my Canon EOS Rebel XSi in Photoshop.  The CR2 files were uploaded via USB from my camera to my computer in Bridge.  The thumbnails to the CR2 files are visible along with JPG files of the same image (I saved both JPG and RAW images when I took the photograph).


      When I attempt to open the CR2 file (double clicking in Bridge), Photoshop launches then is unable to open the CR2 file and gives this message: “Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file.”


      If I attempt to Open the CR2 file through Photoshop, the CR2 files are dimmed and not readable.  If I change the Enable selection from “All Readable Files” to “All Files” the CR2 files are available but when opened, the “image” is a pixelated gray matrix without detail.


      Here is my system:
      iMac8.1, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.8GHz, 4GB Memory
      OSX 10.5.7
      Photoshop CS4 Version 11.0.1
      Bridge Version
      Plug-In: Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw


      I have tried the following:
      Purging Camera Raw Cache (in Bridge and Photoshop)
      Relaunching both Bridge and Photoshop
      Restarting computer
      Photoshop automatic updater to obtain ACR
      Manual update for ACR including deleting Plug-In from Library


      I have read threads concerning CR2 and Photoshop but I did not see a solution to my problem (I tried many suggestions I saw - but perhaps missed one?).   ACR 5.3 "should" support Canon XSi from what I could determine.  Thus I wanted to post this and see if anyone had any ideas.  I really appreciate the advice and help so freely given on this forum!