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    Limited actions/components & non editable code

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      Having just tried to recreate an old effect I did in Flex that took me a day plus using Catalyst I couldn't quite do it so I'm a bit disapointed.  I know its beta and all that but still I expected to be able to turn a graphic into a HSlider and I want to be able to add more actions other than rollover/out and onClick.


      Also when I then went into code mode to edit the code, I found out that it was read only .


      All these little gripes aside I still think Catalyst is a giant leap forward.  Looking forward to getting more updates for it.


      So when are we going to get the abilty to add more actions or add more components, anyone know, rough estimates?

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Thank you for the feedback. Can you elaborate more on what features you needed to accomplish the HSlider? It's sounds like you needed additional events as well as actions to add to the timeline?


          - Ty

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            _del_p_ Level 1



            I was trying to create a custom component to import into flash builder.

            So I had a graphic that represented a HSlider (its very similar to the HScrollbar), thumb, left & right button and a track.  I didn't need multiple thumbs, but that would be nice.

            If I was using Catalyst for a wireframe or demo exercise I probably would have faked it using the HScrollbar but I wished to see how long it would take to go from designer image to fully working (and reusable) component that I can use inside flashbuilder.


            As for the actions, I had a button that on mouse over would change the state, then inside the new state a rectangle would appear.  I wanted to trigger an action on the onShow of the rectangle.  Again perhaps with some manipulating of the timeline I might be able to do what I was after (but I'm no flash developer) so I'm just trying things out.  I expected to see a similar list of events and properties that I can currently get in flex to be in catalyst.


            cheers for any info.

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              acath Level 4



              The current beta has a slider, but you can't skin it. You'll be able to do that in an upcoming version.


              @onShow: can you describe at a higher level what you want? I suspect that what you're trying to do is possible, but you might need to think of it a bit differently.



              Catalyst Engineering

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                _del_p_ Level 1

                Thats good about getting in the other components to skin them, any timescales or is it just a case of when they're done they'll appear?

                As for the @onShow I just need to get out of the way of thinking Flex.  By moving/delaying some of the effects I managed to do what I was doing.