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    HD Video File Sizes?


      My class is switching over to HD next year and the school is worried about file sizes being too large.  No one, including myself, seems to know for sure and a search didn't turn up an answer I was looking for.


      We used to use a Canon ZR800 (or similar Canon model) to capture with PP.  Now, we'll be using a Sony HD mini-DV camcorder (I do not have the model info in front of me).  We will be using this (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/516841-REG/Sony_GVHD700_GV_HD700_HDV_Video_Walkman.h tml) to capture our video with using HDMI connections/video card.


      The computers we are using are pretty standard/basic.  2 GB RAM, etc.  I forget the processor speed but it's right in line with what you'd expect at 2 GB of RAM.


      What kind of file sizes are we looking at while capturing?  What other capacity problems should be a concern?  I have not submitted my budget yet but need to do so this week.  Everything is ready to go but the school wanted me to get some answers on this sort of thing.


      THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!!!

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          madamski-tplyQu Level 1

          Ok, well here is the camcorder info for the one I plan on purchasing:


          http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?ci=0&shs=SOHDRHC9&sb=ps&pn=1&sq=desc&Initi alSearch=yes&O=jsp%2Fproductlist.jsp&A=search&Q=*&bhs=t


          Will Adobe CS3 compress these files?  If so, how much (what sizes are we talking...1 minute equals ?) and how much quality, if any, is lost?


          Does the camcorder handle the compression, the software, or both?


          I obviously want to avoid a sitaution where what we order simply does not work or when the footage is fimled is too large to do anything with.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            If you use the camera as most folks do, the storage requirements will not change.  DV and HDV take up the same amount of space, about 12 or 13 GB per hour of video.  This is possible because HDV uses a more aggressive form of compression than DV.  (But that also introduces certain artifacts and makes the media more difficult to edit.)


            If you use the HDMI connection to capture video, your storage requirements will go waaaaay up.  However, using this connection does not offer any advantage once you're recorded to tape.  At that point, the compression has already occurred.  If you wanted to shoot live, without recording to tape, then the HDMI will offer a much better picture, but also much larger files.


            Does that help?