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    Problems with PHP database application


      Hi all.

      Need some help please deploying an application to a remote server.
      I've followed and uploaded the necessary files according to this document from Adobe Flex Help Resource Senter.
      BUT I get this popup error message from within the Flex datagrid;


      Connection error; Error #1088: The markup in the

      document following the root element must be well-formed.


      It works fine when I run it locally using MAMP but whenever I uplode it to my web space the error occurs.
      Any ideas what I have to fix to get this running?


      Thanks for your time

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          Benji2008 Level 1

          can you perhaps post the way you create the xml file ? there must be something not formed perfectly (eventough it works locally)

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            snailfish Level 1

            Hi Benji2008,

            Thanks for helping out,

            I've just started learning Flex and for what I've read and watched through tutorials I've understood that Flex makes all the necessary files for you if you, once the server environment is set-up, select Data > Create Application from Database(PHP). (Thought it'd be a good idea to start this way and then go deep when I've seen how its all put together by Flex)


            So on you question on how I created the XML file I can only say; I never did. I thought Flex built that file on the fly using PHP script.

            Like I wrote in my last post the application did work locally and I did manage to ad/edit/delete the entries in my database.


            But surly there's a manual way to do all this and if you could please guide me towards where the XML file lives, or maybe I need to create one, it'd be much appreciated. I really want to get my head around this and continue learning Flex.




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              Due to php error reporting being on in the php ini file see here