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    focusOut event continues to be thrown


      I have a textInput control that has a focusOut event, where the function that gets called, opens up a popup, gathers some information, and then populates another text field once the popup is closed.


      <mx:TextInput id="numberChildren" width="30" focusOut="popupChildrenAges(event)"/>


      The first time the focusOut event is thrown, the popup is displayed, I close the popup, focus is moved to the next component and all is well. The second time and any subsequent time when I am on the textInput control and the focusOut event is thrown, the popup is displayed and after I close the popup, the focus goes back to the original TextInput control above such that now I can never move from that component without the event being thrown - in other words the user is stuck.


      Why does it work the first time the event gets thrown, and how do I get the focus off the original TextInput control?