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    Flash interface problem

    WojciechF Level 1



      I have permanent problem with my Flash interface, both on my desktop PC with Windows XP Pro and my portable Toshiba Satellite with Vista.


      Unfortunately panels in Flash interface overlap themselves in a strange way. Sometimes it just makes working "a bit" difficult.

      Here are few descriptions. Please refer to attached images to see what I'm writing about:


      interface_01.jpg - Here I pressed the "Library" button to expand my library, which, as you can see, is covered with another panel (the one with square icons of options such as: "Behaviors", "Help", "Debug Console", etc.). At the bottom, the library is overlapped by another (Output) panel. Clicking anywhere inside library panel does not bring it to front. This situation is not showed.


      interface_02.jpg - This image shows what happens after I test the movie by hitting Ctrl + Enter. The Flash Player window opens but underneath Flash

      interface and above document window. When I click "maximize" button, the preview window maximizes and is arranged on the top of the Flash interface. Then, if I click anywhere inside Flash Player it becomes covered with interface panels again.


      interface_03.jpg - This image shows another screenshot of the problem mentioned above. The Flash Player preview window is covered by Output panel.


      It would be great if anybody knew how to fix this annoying ailment :/


      Thank you in advance for any help