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    Soundproblem in AVCHD 1080i Video?


      Hi All,

      I'm a new menber of this community. And if anyone can help to fix my soundproblem, it would be great.

      I use the folowing harware: Cam: Panasonic HDC-HS300, PC under XP SP3 with i7 Quad CPU and 6g RAM (of course only approx 3G used because 32bit System), GeForce GTX 285.

      The Problem:

      The Cam uses HDD recording, so I copy the file to my PC HDD. If I import it in Premiere CS4 and play it direct from the timeline, you here a kind of clicking noise. Very similar to the cracks of the old vinyl records having small little scratches. It can be heared easily playing back a pinao (solo) recording. The camera can shoot only in Dolby 5 Channel sound (no pure stereo setting). If I play the same clip with PowerDVD the sound is excellent.

      Same if I play it with the Panasonic HD writer Software. So it must be an Adobe problem With AVCHD and Dolby 5 Channel audio.

      An intresting other point:

      If I import the clip with the HD writer I get files with .m2ts endind. If I do it with window (ie explorer) I get files with .mts ending!

      And Adobe Premiere has more problems with m2ts files. Playing this randomly the sound is completely off!

      Can anybody help?

      Thanks in advace


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The best advise I can give you (and you won't like it) is get a different camera that delivers material suitable for editing.

          Second option is to use a more consumer oriented program like Elements or WMM or Magix.

          Third option is to demux, convert the audio to 48 KHz stereo WAV.

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            iloguen Level 1

            Hello Harm,


            thank you for your reply. You'r right, I don't like to throw the Cam away, it's to new!. It delivers excellent video quality and in any test it is the overall winner. It seems it's the best you can buy on the consumer lines. Moreover Panasonic is one of the founder of the AVCHD format. But I agree to step away from Pr CS4 to say Magix is a possible solution. But is this the solution Adobe want? I was working with 6.5 and the NV-DX100 (using Pinnacle DV500 as a caption card) with excellent results over Years!

            Hope that anyone else find another way...

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              The AC3 audio part is the troublesome bit. The video should not be the problem (unless your CPU is not up to it), especially not after the update to 4.1

              You have updated to 4.1? If you did and still have the problem, you can only either use other NLE software that accepts AC3 sound for editing, or demux and convert to WAV.


              Despite how good your camera comes out at reviews, how great the image looks, the one thing these reviewers nearly always forget to mention, possibly because of lack of expertise, is how well the material is suited for editing. That is often where a lot of cameras, that got raving reviews, fall out. The material is just not suited for editing. You, the consumer, are the victim of these sloppy reviews, because where can you find that kind of information? It requires you to do more investigative work before deciding on a camera and, let's be realistic, people new to editing, often lack the understanding to make an informed decision. I feel for you, but in the future some more research may well pay off to avoid these kind of problems.


              A German magazine I often read, Video Aktiv Digital, recently published an article about editing your video clips and continued with publishing test results on consumer cameras. The most striking anomaly I found was that first they told you that for editing you needed format A and not B and then proceeded to designate a format B camera as the clear winner in the test. This misinforms people, misleads them and they admitted this serious mistake when I asked them about the soundness of their advise. It is just an example of the misleading information you can get when you try to do your homework.


              The general advise is to expand your investigation to these kinds of fora before deciding on what to buy.

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                iloguen Level 1

                I agree with you, that most of the review's are not complete. They say something, but other things remain in the dark. I know the magazin mentioned (I'm sitting in Vienna), but not this review. Anyway my thinking was the AC3 stream is the cause. I have installed all updates. To demultplex with audition is no solution, because the clicks come in with the import. After downmix and convertion to WAV the click are still present and become part of the WAV stream.

                I feel the only thing I can do is waiting for an AC3 update

                Before selecting the HS300 if have done a lot of research (reading all I can find over the net), newspaper, personal discussions,...

                But, sorry to say, this "little" was never mentioned. For us, as a customer, it is a really messy job to get all the info neccessary. The best is to rent the gadget you wanna buy for a week or so, than you see what's really happen.


                But thak you for your information. If I find a way to overcome this AC3 problem I will post it!