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    How to RUN generated AS3 code in FLASH?

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      We can -Keep ActionScript code in FB but how to run  it in FLASH (CS4 for ex)?

      Can Any one give step by step instruction?

      or at least link to it?


      problem is I bought FB and FLCS4 but I do not know how to Jump From FB (MXML -> AS3) to FLASH (AS3) But I need it hardly!)

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          Try to help, I could be wrong, just thought it may work, you are welcomed to give a try, see whether you get any luck.

          1.create a flash application in FLASH


          2. add the generated classes(-Keep ActionScript code) into your flash project classpath(public settings), also add other required classes/swc(into your classpath(you need do some search for how to setting classpath with swcs, either add those flex framework swc as globle classpath or include those as classpath for the project)


          3. in actionscript, create an instance of app begin class definition, for example something like this in generated code:
          public class test  extends spark.components.Application

          you should try to create something like: var app:test=new test() in your flash actionscript

          (you need make sure the generated class files are good, have no problem to pass compiling)


          4. compile your flash app


          hope it helps.