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    CSH in Webhelp: are MapIds required?

    Dominique Marty Senet

      Hello all,


      Having always created CHMs, we now intend to convert our help projects to Webhelp format.


      We'll have to call the help (window-level) from our application (similar to Visual Basic or Visual C++), and we would like NOT to use MapIds to do so.

      We want to call the corresponding htm file (via its URL) to display a specific help topic.


      I've forwarded to my IT team the article called "Calling WebHelp using URLs" from Peter Grainge's website, but they tell me they can't do the call directly. They need an API to make the call from the app.

      Having searched RH online help and the CSH API folder, I have found we need the file RoboHelp_CSH.cls (not found, there is Robohelp_CSH.vb instead) or RoboHelp_CSH.cpp and RoboHelp_CSH.h, then we must use the RH_ShowHelp function to make the call. In all cases, a map number is required.


      Am I searching in the wrong place or is there a way to use the URL for the CSH call?


      If there is, what are the exact steps we should take to implement it (I mean, in addition to what is already stated in Peter Grainge's article)?


      I am just relaying this question from my IT team - to me all this is like chinese.


      I'm running RH8 (via TCS 2). Output is merged Webhelp.


      Thanks in advance for your help on this.