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    Adobe Presenter Audio Cut Off


      So I am trying to make some flashcards.  I have little 1 second mp3s of vocabulary words.  I attached each mp3 to each slide.  When I publish it, some of the words get cut off.  For instance, if mp3 plays the word "disseminate",  then presenter will just play .. "...seminate"  It seems to just cut off the beggining.  I know its not the MP3 because when I press the back button, it plays the mp3 just fine.   It gets cut off only when the flash is being played.  I even made the settings so that the video has to load before playing.   Anyone else having this problem?  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

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          I think this might be due to something weird that also happens when playing mp3s through the Flash Player using ActionScript (vs. putting it on the timeline).

          What I do (in Flash and in Presenter) is to add about 1 second of ambient sound to the beginning of all narrations, etc. I then save and import the "padded" mp3 into Flash or Presenter and publish out.

          This seems to take care of the issue in most cases.