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    Possible to add custom menu options to Reader?

    Ray Silke



      My proof of concept project involves investigating the capabilities of Adobe Reader to allow customized menu options and functionality to be added to it.


      What we hope to do is create a PDF using the LiveCycle services which will then be viewed online by a user through Adobe Reader. If possible, we'd be looking to add a customized menu with one or two options to send requests back to our server. Is such functionality possible using Adobe Reader 9?


      So far, I've read of a Customization Wizard and a Plug-In API that seem to allow for such extensability. However, would these customizations have to be installed separately client-side on top of Adobe Reader ? As this project will affect a couple thousand of users we hope to be able to invoke functionality provided by the basic Adobe Reader without additional client-side configuration. (Also, Adobe Reader Extensions is not an option for this project.)


      Is this possible, or what are our options?





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          Ray Silke Level 1

          I've done some more investigation into this and can see that the JavaScript for Acrobat API contains capabilities that allow customized menu options to be added, and Web Services to be invoked from Adobe Reader.

          However, I've been unable to locate how this JavaScript is deployed. Is it embedded within the generated PDF or is it configured on a client-side Reader application?


          Any info would be appreciated.