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    Active Hover Field


      When I make a custom generic component the bigger of the two graphics that makes up the component is used as the 'activator'. For example i have and image that when you hover over it, it fades out and a bigger version of that image fades in. The issue is if the cursor goes over anywhere the bigger image would come in, it activates the fade effect; when I only want it to fade if it is hovered over the smaller image.


      Is there anyway to get around this or is that just how it is?

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          Ian Giblin

          Hi xianxou,

          In the State of your custom component with the smaller image (I assume State 1)...

          -In the layers panel, show the larger image (that is triggering the interaction when you don't want it to)

          -Select it

          -Hit the delete key.


          Now run your project. The larger image is now "not there" so it shouldn't interfere with rollover.


          It is a little bit hidden but these three actions have different consequences...

          Turning the preview off for an item using the eyeball in the Layers panel (hides it for that state)

          Deleting an item using the keyboard (deletes the item from that state)

          Selecting an item in the Layers panel and hitting the trash can (completely removes it from your layer list and whole project)


          Hope this helps,


          Catalyst Team

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            xianxou Level 1

            Thanks a lot. That was the explanation I was looking for.