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    Highlights clipped away when importing AE from FCP


      I'm sure this has been posted but I can't find anything.


      Importing a blown-out video clip into after effects, the color and luma values over 100% are clipped as if a Broadcast Safe filter has been applied.
      If I export from FCP as Apple Prores (HQ) and re-import it, it's fine. All the information above 100% are still there.

      If I import it into After Effects and export it back to FCP as Apple Prores (HQ), all the values are clipped away that were over 100% in the vetroscope. Seems like I lose my highlights as soon as I import it into AE. Is this normal? Am I supposed to bring the levels down before working in AE?


      I have Mac Pro 3.0, latest After Effect CS4 and FCP. The latest Quicktime. AJA Lhe HD card.