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    PE7 Locks up while burning Blu-Ray from AVCHD project


      I am having problems burning my completed project to Blu-Ray.  It is a large project at just over 2 1/2 hours but I have successfully burned projects like this in the past.  My source files were AVCHD from my Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder.  I know that AVCHD is very challenging for even the fastest PCs so I knew to break the project up into approximately 20-minute segments to complete my edits, voiceovers, transitions, etc.  I then converted each of these files to MPEGs in the format H264 1920 X 1080i 30.  I imported all of my individual H264 projects into a single new project and I even rendered that complete mega-project before attempting to burn.


      The resulting file burned to DVD without a problem of any kind.  But when I try to burn the project to Blu-Ray, I get tantalizing close to the end (98 - 99%) and then encounter some sort of error.  Sometimes the program will pause with a dialog box saying that PE is runnning low on memory and that I should save my project and "proceed with caution".  Sometimes if I click "OK" the encoding process will resume, but most times it just freezes at that point.  And often the project will halt at 98% without ever giving any error messages.  All that you see is the label on the progress bar chart changes from "encoding media" to "error."


      I've had this failure to complete burning about six times in various forms.  I even tried making two half-sized projects out of my big one and the smaller ones bombed in exactly the same way.  I've tried disabling all background programs such as defraggers, virus scans -- anything I could think of that would be competing for my system's memory.  All to no avail.  But, of course, it takes at least ten hours before you find out that you are still having the same problem.


      My computer is about six months old and I tried to get the top-of-the-line at the time.  I have an Intel quad-core processor @ 2.66 GHz, 4 GB of DDR2-800 RAM, ATI Radeon 3650 video card with 512 MB on-board memory, 500 GB hard drive (that had about 425 GB free when I started) and Win XP SP2.


      These same techniques and hardware burned a 1 1/2-hour AVCHD project for me about six months ago with minimal hassle, but all the same procedures this time have had nothing but failure.  Anyone got any ideas about where I am going wrong?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If it used to work and now doesn't, there are two likely reasons:


          1) Updates to Windows have made your other firmware or drivers out of date. Make sure all is updated and that you have the latest Quicktime and that your XP is updated to SP3, per the FAQs to the right of this forum.



          2) Temp files and other fragmentation are keeping the program from grabbing the large chunks of scratch disk space the program needs to create your BluRay files. Use a program like CCleaner or Advanced System Care to clean up your your system and registry.



          There are other possibilities. Like your preferences may have corrupted. To rebuild these, hold down the left side Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys as you start up the program.


          You can also try rendering your timeline before you output your BluRay files. Press the Enter key and ensure that all of the red lines above your timeline turn green.


          One other trick is to do a Save As and save your project file into a new folder. This will force the program to create all new transcoding files and will prevent it from getting tangled up with the old, failed renders and files.

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            DonR1 Level 1

            Good sugggestions.  As for 1), I have the latest available update for Quick Time and I missed-typed on my XP version, I have SP3.  So I don't think these are at fault.


            As for your other suggestions, I'll try them and report back on the results.  Thanks.

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              DonR1 Level 1

              Sorry to say that those good suggestions did not improve my results.  I still got a freeze-up (transcoding error) at 98% of the data encoding process.


              I downloaded and ran the referenced Secunia program.  It found a few potential security threats -- which I patched -- but flagged no problems with drivers or firmware.  I defragged my hard drive (even though the analyzer said it was unnecessary) after I cleaned out all my temporary files and used my McAfee registry cleaner to eliminate that error source.


              I performed the "ctrl+alt+shift" trick to restore my preferences but coud detect no difference in the preferences displayed.   I had high hopes for the "save as" trick but that did not seem to make any real difference either. I had previously rendered my big project so all the timelines were green in that view.


              In short, I've tried pretty much everything suggested but I'm still out of luck.  Man, is it getting tiresome to spend 10+ hours waiting for transcoding only to have the problem bomb at 98%.  It's pretty consistent about freezing at that point.  Wish I knew what the software is trying to do at that point, perhaps it would give me an idea of what to change.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                If it's bombing out at 98%, that's a pretty good indication that, software-wise, everything is behaving as it should. But, for some reason, your disc burn is going south.


                This could be because of outdated or corrupt firmware for your BluRay burner, a problem with the burner itself or even interference from other DVD burning software (Nero, for instance).


                With a DVD burn, the workaround is to see if you can burn to a folder on your hard drive rather than directly to disc. Unfortunately, BluRays don't have that option.


                Hopefully, someone who works with BluRay a lot will have a solution for you.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  As the crashes are fairly consistant, I'd look towards the end of your Timeline and see what might be going on there. Are there any Assets that differ from the rest of the Timeline? Any large still images? Any extra Audio, that is not common to the rest of the Project? Any gaps in the Clips on the Timeline? [These can be tough to spot, even when the horizonal zoom on the Timeline is all of the way in to the "frame-level."]


                  Next, I'd look at the amount of free space on your HDD's. PE needs a lot more HDD real estate than just the size of the Project to do its "thing."


                  How about any Screensavers? Do you have any that might run at the approximate time of these Transcodes? I always have mine turned OFF. Do any of your programs have updating set to automatic? Some of these can kick in when they "call home," and fritz up a Transcode. Again, I keep all programs' updating set to manual, 'cause I do not want them connecting, or doing anything, when I am Transcoding/Burning.


                  Good luck,



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                    DonR1 Level 1

                    Don't think it is burner-related because it never gets to the point that the burner would be involved -- i.e. after 100% of the coding was completed.  I just checked Sony's web site for possible updates to my Sony BWU-200S burner's firmware but none is available.


                    The fact that the same big project burned to a DVD without a problem suggests to me that the project is basically sound. But, obviously, there is something radically different in the way that the software handles the files for Blu-Ray as opposed to regular DVD burning.


                    You can "share" the Blu-Ray project to the hard drive but, to the best of my knowledge, the MPEG formatting that you get in so doing is not directly burnable (to coin a new word) to a Blu-Ray disc.  If anyone knows a way of doing something like that, I'd appreciate a hint.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      You might want to look at ImgBurn. I only use it for DVD-Video, so am not up on its BD capabilities.


                      Good luck, and please let us know what you find.



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                        Paul_LS Level 4

                        You say you burnt a 1.5 hour disc OK... now you are trying to burn a 2.5 hour disc. Are you using MPEG2 or H.264 video? Just that you may be getting near the maximum you can burn to a Blu-ray disc. Dont know... but maybe this is the issue... trying to burn too much to the disc. I know with standard definition you can use fit to disc... dont know how well this works with Blu-ray.

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                          DonR1 Level 1

                          I had similar thoughts about what is going on at the end of my project.  I DO have a series of five still images at the end of my project that I'm using as a sort of ending credits section wherein I use a still with an overlaid still title to convey statistics about our vacation.  I set their duration on the timeline to allow sufficient time to read the information that I overlaid on them.  But, basically, they are just standard 5-second duration still images.They are fairly large images (original size 3680 X 2070 pixels as shot by my Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder in its still image mode).  One of the images is just over 1 MB but the others are around 600 KB.  And, no, there are no gaps in the project where I inserted the still images.


                          I also have other still images in my project roughly half way through where I put in some scanned images that I then stretched out in duration so that I could do a voiceover to explain what the images were showing.  There is apparently no problem handling these stills as the encoding gets out to 98% every time.  But these stills are approximately 1600 X 1200 as opposed to the 3680 X 2070 images I'm using for my credits slides.  Lacking any other straw to clutch at, perhaps I could go in and resize these stills to 1920 X 1080 like all the other frames in my project.  Shouldn't make any real difference, but there is obviously something strange going on.


                          As for hard drive capacity, I still have over 300 GB of free space after all of my rendering attempts.  I had about 425 GB when I began my project.  The drive is 500 GB and it is a 7200 RPM SATA-2 with its own 16 MB buffer.  That should be good enough to do the job.  And it was a few months ago when I burned a similar vacation file to Blu-Ray.


                          Nope, no screensavers or automated virus scans going on in the background.  I have a software program called The Ultimate Troubleshooter that lists EVERY process that you computer has running at any given time.  I used it to shutdown ANYTHING that looked like it might have a need to access the internet or my own home network at "random" times.  I used my McAfee Secutiy Suite to lockdown my firewall so that nothing can communicate with my computer until I remove the lockdown.  So it's not something coming in from the internet or my other networked computer.

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                            DonR1 Level 1

                            I'm doing H.264 video.  The software SEEMS to offer the ability to compress the video to make it fit on a standard 25 GB BD-R disc.  Initially I get an error message saying that the project is too big to fit on the disc.  Then when I click the "make it fit" button, the software seems happy and goes off to do its encoding.


                            I have burned another more-than-two-hur project to Blu-Ray in the past but it was based on Mini-DV tape files as opposed to the AVCHD that my hard drive Sony camcorder records in.  That might be a critical difference for all I know, but it seems to me that if I can burn a 2 1/2 hour project based on one kind of file, I ought to be able to do it based on any other compatible file type.  The one I did before burned right away and played like a champ with no hassle at all like I'm having now.

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                              DonR1 Level 1

                              I hear what you're saying but I tried splitting the project into two smaller ones (approx 1 1/4 hours each) and I got basically the same encoding failure.  It's something pretty basic to the encoding process, but I can't put my finger on it.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                I would re-size your oversized stills in PS. Even if this does not address your issue, you have much to gain and nothing to loose by doing so. I find that the re-sizing algorithms are much better in PS, than PE, or PrPro. Having oversized files, that have to be scaled down by the NLE will be less sharp, than ones re-sized in PS. This will also reduce processing overhead.


                                Sounds like your HDD is fine. I was a bit worried about free space, but you seem to have that covered. Same for the software going "rogue" on you and trying to update.


                                Only thing that I see as a possible cause would be the large stills. It would be worth the effort and the end result is likely to be better for it. Whether it will get you Transcoded and Burned might be something altogether different.


                                Any different Audio in the closing credits?


                                Good luck, and let us know how it goes,



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                                  DonR1 Level 1

                                  Yes, I think that resizing the stills is what I'm going to try next.  As you say, it can't possibly hurt and it might actually help.  Yes, I'll use my PhotoShop Element program to do it.


                                  No the closing audio is no different.  I lay kinda "easy listening" background music tracks in my projects and then lower the level so that it won't be intrusive.  The final portion uses one of the same tracks that I use a couple of other times in the big project.


                                  I'll rework the project and put it into encoding overnight and will report back tomorrow.  Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for a different outcome.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Audio does not sound like a problem. Just trying to cover all bases here.


                                    Hope that the re-sized still do the trick. At the least, the quality should be just a bit better, than letting PE do it for you - if you can just get the Project Transcoded and Burned, that is..


                                    Do not know if PSE has Actions, but they certainly make stills re-sizing a breeze in PS, along with the File>Automate>Batch. I just cannot remember how PS and PSE differ - other than several hundred $'s!


                                    Good luck, and hope that tomorrow's post is one touting success.




                                    PS you did also check for gaps, right?

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                                      DonR1 Level 1

                                      Thanks for the good wishes.  Yes, PSE will do batch processing as well as PS does.  For my purposes, I have never been able to see the difference in price between the two.  I know that PS will sing and dance but I can barely hum. 

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Thank you for the clarification. Since I had one of the first shipped copies of PS 2.5, when it first hit the PC, I have never looked at PSE. Sometimes, I go off on a tangent regarding how something is done in PS, and then folk point out that PSE "doesn't do that." I'm always learning.


                                        Good luck, and please report to us,



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                                          DonR1 Level 1

                                          I resized the images at the end of my big project down to 1920 X 1080.  In so doing, I found what seemed to be a duplicate image of one of my stills.  You couldn't see it in the Sceneline or not clearly in the Timeline but it was there somehow.  I only found it when deleting the old "big" image from the Sceneline.  When the old "big" image was deleted, it left another seemingly duplicate scene behind.  Naturally, I deleted that one too before inserting the new smaller image.


                                          I thought that I had found my problem and proceeded to render and try to burn the amended project.  No such luck.  It progressed with the encoding -- seemingly somewhat slower than my earliest attempts -- but still hung up at 98%.


                                          I'm running out of ideas.  The next thing I will try is to eliminate the group of stills from the end ot the project to see if the mechanics of switching from MPEG video images to JPEG photo images at the very end of the project may be what is causing the hiccup that stops the encoding each time.  As I said in one of my earlier posts, I have a group of scanned stills in the middle of the big project and those seem to be causing no problem.  However, as many of us know, a major portion of the things that computers do would be impossible until we see them do it.


                                          I'll try one more time and report the results.



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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            Let us know how the Project goes without the stills at the end. Also, before you delete them to test, do check for gaps. Sometimes, Projects burn just fine with these, but other times, they'll bring the Transcode to a halt.


                                            I inherited a Project that had successfully burned to 4 DVD's. In the process of re-editing it, I found 900+ single frame gaps and removed them, as is my practice. Still, the 900+ gaps had caused NO problems. In other Projects a single frame gap has shut the Transcode down completely. Why/how? I have no clue, but spend a few moments removing any gaps, prior to my initial Burn of any Project.


                                            Good luck,



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                                              DonR1 Level 1

                                              I didn't properly express it, but I did check as carefully as I could for gaps and could not detect any.  If in fact they were there, they should be gone now with the deleting of the stills.  I did find one thing that was wrong in my pre-burn investigations.  One of my preferences got re-set somehow and the autosave option was checked for 20-minute intervals.   I've never had that checked in the past and wonder if an argument between transcoding and autosaving might be the origin of all of my "PE7 is dangerously low on system memory. Save your project and proceed with caution" warning boxes that I have had.  I did see the "saving project" dialog box come up once during my last burn attempt.  I would have thought that saving during transcoding would be impossible.  As far as I can tell, the only thing that the software will respond to is a "cancel" of the burn process.  Nothing else I've ever tried has been responsive to my mouse inputs.


                                              As I checked progress on my burn a few minutes ago, I found an active dialog box of the "short of memory" type displayed on my screen.  When I checked OK, it went back to coding but who knows whether it will get past 98% this time?  All appendages crossed for eventual success. 



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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                AutoSave should not be an issue here. First, it will only be invoked, when changes have been made to the Project, i.e. if you stop editing and go to lunch for a couple of hours, it will not AutoSave every 20 mins., or whatever the interval is set to. Also, PE will halt, when AutoSave is invoked. The writing of the AutoSaved Project file is pretty quick, as there are no media files involved, just the .PREL file, which is an XML database. Even on monster PrPro Projects, this is done in moments, but PrPro is locked, until it finishes.


                                                There have also been reports of "false" memory/resources messages, that do not indicate a real problem, and when one clicks OK, things continue properly.


                                                Good luck with the Transcoding and Burning,



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                                                  DonR1 Level 1

                                                  Yes, that's what I thought about autosave, too, but I SAW the "saving file" dialong box come up while the burn was in progress.  I have no idea about whether it was actually saving anything or not, but the box definitely appeared, indicating to me that there was at least a low-level conflict from within PSE as to which process was in charge. I disabled autosave for sure and I trust that if this WAS a problem before, it won't be now.


                                                  Be any of that as it may, I removed the still images from the end of my project and tried again. Same result: it froze at 98% of the encoding process.  The only indication that it was frozen was a simple "error" label underneath the encoding progress bar.  That and the fact that my computer's hard drive activity light was simply blinking at a constant rhythm indicating that it was basicaly inactive.


                                                  I decided to greatly magnify the timeline and look for any discrepancies that might occur at the 98% mark of my project.  Calculating that time, I found that it corresponded pretty closely to a transition point between two of my H.264 MPEG video files that I glued together to make my single big project.  There were no gaps at that point but I did notice that the menu scene marker had somehow been displaced a few frames and actually pointed to the closing frames of the previous H.264 file instead of the opening frame of the correct H.264 file.  I deleted the faulty scene marker and put one in the correct location. On checking all of my other scene markers, I found several repetitions of that frame offset discrepancy and I corrected all of them.


                                                  I have no earthly idea of whether these menu marker discrepancies could be significant within the transcoding process, but I've pretty much run out of ideas for what to do next.  We all know that the program can be pretty finicky about how you do things and it doesn't take much to send it off into cyber hell.  As soon as I post this, I will put my project back in the burn process and hope for the best.



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                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                    Wow, seeing the AutoSave DURING a Burn is puzzling. I am very surprised at that.


                                                    The displacement of the Scene Markers is also odd. Could it be that you only thought that you'd placed them in the correct spot, and did not find this out until you zoomed in on the Timeline? Again, another puzzle.


                                                    Good luck with the burn, and I hope that all goes well with it now. Just out of curiosity, you don't have any Scene Markers close together, do you?



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                                                      DonR1 Level 1

                                                      Yes, it surprised me too.  Not sure what to make of it but I fear it is only an indication of how flawed the processes are for my particular burn.  No, no scene markers closer than a couple of minutes to each other.  Most are separated by 15 minutes or so.


                                                      I placed the menu markers by clicking on the scene in the sceneline view.  Silly me, I just assumed that the first frame in the scene is where the menu marker would be placed.  Didn't work out that way.  You really couldn't see the offset until you blew the timeline scale 'way up.  However, I had noticed while previewing the project that some of the scene markers seemed to be off a bit.  In other words, when I clicked on a scene to preview it, I seemed to get a flash of a few frames of the previous scene before the view switched to what I had anticipated seeing.  I didn't think too much about it at the time and dismissed it as one of the approximations used in the preview process.  Closer investigation yesterday showed the offsets to be genuine.


                                                      But the heartbreaking thing about those offsets is that correcting them didn't have any effect on my problem.  The burn process still froze at 98%.


                                                      I'm suspecting now that "98%" is not 98% of the timeline but rather 98% of all the processes that the software is going through in formatting the data for burning.  In my continual clutching at straws, I'm going to turn my scrutiny next to the musical background tracks that I added to my project.  There are unquestionably gaps between those tracks.  The software simply would not allow me to butt two background music tracks right up against each other.  Every time I tried to drag and drop them into that position, the software would offset my video track by the duration of the music clip I was trying to add.  Only when I offset the music clip a couple of seconds would the video clip stay where it was.


                                                      God and the software developers only know if such a thing could be a problem for burning an AVCHD-based project.  I know for sure that I had these audio gaps in previous projects and they never seemed to cause a problem.  But the size of my current project may be driving the processes into areas where they are not able to reliably go.


                                                      I've got a couple of things to try next.  I'm going to delete all of the background music tracks to see if a fault in their rendering may be what is going on at the 98% point in the burn process.  The second is to position myself in front of my computer when the process reaches 98% thereby to see if any "magic" dialog boxes spring up to explain what is happening.  What I've been doing so far is to just let the burn process go while I go off to do other things - like sleep.  This time I'm going to make it my mission to be there at 98% to see if there will be any leads to what is breaking down at that point.


                                                      This has been a very frustrating process.   I've basically tried to do exactly what I did successfully a couple of times before.  Last time I successfully burned an AVCHD-based project, I wrote out a set of step-by-step procedures so that I would not leave out any of the esoteric little steps that can be so important.  I've followed them religiously but this time they haven't worked.  Aaaarrrgghhh!!!!



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                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                        The Audio gaps should have no effect on the Burning process. The DVD-spec. that applies to Burned discs is for DVD-Video. It is the Video that is the main thrust of the specification. One can safely Burn a silent DVD-Video, but cannot Burn a DVD-Video with no Video, only Audio. I'm not saying that there might not be some issue with the Audio in your Project, but it should not be related to any gaps.


                                                        Now, PE uses a 2-pass Transcoding scheme, and the percentage data shown is for both passes. This means that yours' is failing at 98% of the combined passes, i.e. 200% (100% for first pass and 100% for the second). Still, it's an approximation, but with 98%, you're still talking about the end of the process, and hence close to the end of your Project.


                                                        Now, one thing that I do not recall mention being made of - what is your Transcoding bit-rate? You have to help me here a bit, as I do not do AVCHD editing and also use Encore for all DVD-Video authoring, so do not know what might be available in PE. In more sophisticated programs, one can set the individual Transcodeing bit-rates per Timeline/Asset. In PE, I think that one only has a Quality slider that goes from about 0 - 8, IIRC. The BD specs allow for a max combined bit-rate (both Audio & Video combined) and that max is for the very highest bit-rate including spikes. Even when one sets the bit-rate, there can still be spikes that exceed the max, for either DVD-Video or BD. If this happens, other programs will throw an error message to the effect that "bit-rate is too high." This usually occurs when one has done say the Transcoding of the Video outside of the authoring application and then Imported it, as most authoring apps. will do a better job of calculating the min-target-max range of the combined Audio & Video. Since PE is more or less automatic on the Transcoding front, it should calculate the bit-rate to fall within the BD/DVD-Video specs. including any spikes. What is your quality slider set to? Have you tried this with the quality slider nudged down just a bit?* Besides the quality slider, are there any additional settings that would adjust the bit-rate of the Transcode? Like I said, I'm not familiar with either PE7, or with BD production. I can only talk in generalities, and need some help with the specifics of the program and what it offers in the way of settings.


                                                        Good luck,




                                                        * Some time back, Robert Johnson did some tests on the quality slider settings in PE. His results indicated that a setting of ~7.9 did look better than a setting of 8.

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                                                          DonR1 Level 1

                                                          Thanks for your input.  As for the bit rate, when I first begin the burning process, the dialog box within the PE Blu-Ray burn box initially shows an error code saying that the project is too large to fit on a single disc.  But when I check the box that essentially says "compress to fit on one disc" the bit rate shown is (I believe, 19.79 MB/sec).  I can't be sure because right now the new "silent" project is being rendered but the actual number is just under 20 MB/sec.  My recollection is that before I check the "compress to fit" button, the default bit rate is something just over 25 MB/sec.  The default aspect ratio setting is H.264 1440 X 1080i Dolby NTSC.  I change that to H.264 1920 X 1080i Dolby NTSC and then initiate the burn process.  There are no other available options that are not based on H.264.  You would certainly expect that the software would look at any potential "spikes" before picking a bit rate for transcoding but I certainly don't know how it arrives at the rate that you are shown.


                                                          I'm not aware of any sort of sliding scale quality-setting option within PE 7.  It may be there but I've never had to use it before.  As I said in one of my earlier posts, the over-2-hours project that I successfully burned to Blu-Ray in the past was Mini-DVD tape-based instead of AVCHD and that may well be a critical difference.  The previous longer AVCHD project that I successfully burned to Blu-Ray was about an hour and 45 minutes so was not all that much smaller than the one I'm struggling with now.  Once I learned to "glue" the big project together out of pieces made up of shorter H.264 MPEGs, I had no problems even remotely as intractable as the ones I'm having now.


                                                          I suspect that, yes, the "error" - whatever it is - with my project is somewhere near the end.  I've combed the area from approximately 97% of the total timeline out to well beyond 98% of the timeline essentially frame-by-frame looking for any gap or obvious discrepancy and have not been able to find anything.  This is one of the main reasons that I intend to be posted in front of my computer the next time the burn process gets to 97%. I'm hopeful that there will some sort of error message or something to give me a hint as to how to proceed.


                                                          But before I can get to that point, I have to finish rendering my silent project, defrag my hard drive again and then go in and shutdown all the "background" processes like virus scanning.  Only then can I try burning again.  My previous experience has taught me not to be optimistic but I'm going to keep trying things until I finally figure out what is going on.  If I don't, I'm going to have all the same problems the next time I do a big project.  Most of my projects are big because they incorporate the visual records of a two-week vacation.  Pretty tough to keep them under two hours.  And I keep coming back to the fact that when I split my project into two parts, the first half (that ends a long way from the 98% point of the whole project) bombed at the 98% point of that project.  It just makes no logical sense to me.


                                                          I'll keep trying and reporting back.



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                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                            You would certainly expect that the software would look at any potential "spikes" before picking a bit rate for transcoding but I certainly don't know how it arrives at the rate that you are shown.


                                                            Actually, it tries to. That is basically what the 2-pass Transcoding is all about, and it normally does a good job.


                                                            Since the Project is too large, you have chosen to back off on the quality to fit. Since the 25mbps is within the BD-spec, there should be no spikes in your new bit-rate.


                                                            The DD AC3 Audio is normally very good and does provide for compression, so that there is more room for the Video. This means that the Video can be Transcoded at a higher bit-rate, hence better quality. However, some have had a few issues with DD AC3 Transcoding in Encore. One thing that you could test would be to choose PCM/WAV for the Audio and try the Project again. This will mean that the quality of the Video will go down, to accommodate the larger Audio file sizes, and of course will require the Transcode and Burning time. Still, it might get your Project onto disc.


                                                            Good luck,



                                                            • 28. Re: PE7 Locks up while burning Blu-Ray from AVCHD project
                                                              DonR1 Level 1

                                                              One thing is for sure, by dropping out all of the background audio, I'm pretty well eliminating anything to do with that as being the cause of my problems.  If I can get the project to burn to one of my BD-RE discs (rewritable) in "silent" form, then I can try to restore the background cuts slowly and methodically.  I'll sacrifice the background music if I have to, but I simply must get my basic video burned to a disc to  preserve my sanity.  This kind of stuff will drive you crazy until you figure it out.

                                                              • 29. Re: PE7 Locks up while burning Blu-Ray from AVCHD project
                                                                the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                                Great big DUH! on my part. I had forgotten that you were trying with a silent version of your Project. Yes, that should help eliminate (or point to) the Audio.






                                                                • 30. Re: PE7 Locks up while burning Blu-Ray from AVCHD project
                                                                  DonR1 Level 1

                                                                  I went through a couple more iterations before stumbling across what I now believe was my basic problem.  The "silent" version of my project bombed at 98% just as all the others had done so audio or associated gaps were not involved in the transcoding problems.  I had to try something more radical.


                                                                  In desperation, I recreated the last two constituent clips that covered the timeframe from 98% of the timeline on out to the end of the project (including my still images with the title overlays that presented interesting trivia from the vacation.)  As I set about trying to burn the "repaired" project, I paid more attention than usual to the presets that PE7 was picking for a Blu-Ray burning project.  I found that with a blank Blu-Ray disc in the drive, the default preset for burning was "H.264 1440 X 1080i NTSC Dolby"  in other words an H.264 MPEG (or at least I think that is what H.264 files are) in a 4:3 aspect ratio.  What I had been doing was to change that preset to "H.264 1920 X 1080i NTSC Dolby" (to give a 16:9 aspect ratio for my HDTV) and then telling the software to start the burning process.


                                                                  It finally occured to me to check one of my previous successful long Blu-Ray discs to see exactly what format the files on it were.  Suprise, suprise, they had the format of "xxxx.m2ts" or MPEG2 but not in H.264 format -- at least as far as this layman could tell.  I looked further down the list of available presets and picked out "MPEG2 1920 X 1080i NTSC Dolby" and clicked on Burn.


                                                                  Within a very few minutes, I noticed that the "encoding media" stage of the burn was proceeding at two to three times the speed of my previous attempts to burn in H.264 format.  Within less than four hours, the progress bar changed its labeling to "burning disc 1 of 1".  An hour or so later, the drive bay opened up and there was my long-awaited 2 hr 32 min and 25 sec Blu-Ray disc.  I put it in my Sony Blu-Ray player and it plays perfectly with simply excellent video.


                                                                  Since I changed two things at once (repaired constituent files as well as a different burning preset) I can't be 100% sure which cured my problem.  But since I could never find any problem with my original project files -- even when going through it frame-by-frame -- I have to believe that it was the burning preset that was the real breakthrough.


                                                                  I'd beat up on myself more except that when I made my individual project files (shared them to my hard drive in PC Computer mode), I used a preset of H.264 1920 X 1080i 30" for the conversion process.  It only seemed logical that the correct preset for burning would the seemingly-corresponding "H.264 1920 X 1080i NTSC Dolby" format.  I'm pretty sure now that MPEG2 was the correct format that I should have been using all along.  But how in the world I would know that -- other than by the School of Hard Knocks education that I have just received -- is beyond me.


                                                                  Anyway, I finally succeeded and that is the important part.  I'll incorporate the new techniques in my step-by-step procedures and hopefully will avoid these frustrations when I process the video from my next vacation in less than a month.


                                                                  Thanks for all of the inputs and suggestions.



                                                                  • 31. Re: PE7 Locks up while burning Blu-Ray from AVCHD project
                                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                    Success is always good. Maybe not as good as knowing exactly what a Project might well benefit from next time, but still good.


                                                                    Thanks for reporting your findings. I hope that one of the HD gurus can offer some input for that next vacation video.