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    What is the Flash Player doing?

    christophsk Level 1

      I have a large Flex app running on a MacBook Pro (4GB memory) using

      Safari. One of the features is to display pages of images - small

      thumbnails up to 100 per page. Images are loaded on demand from

      a server. The thumbnails are maybe 20-30KB per image.


      Once I load up 100 images and I look at my activity monitor, I

      see the CPU pegged at 100% (dual processor). It stays this way

      even if I'm doing nothing - no mouse movement etc.


      The question is: What is the player doing to consume so

      much time. My client is concerned since the app gets

      sluggish at this level.


      There are no timers running or anything like that. I took over

      this code base to bring it to product. I don't see anything

      weird going on - it seems fairly straightforward but large.


      Any ideas?