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    '{' expected


      Hello helpful people. I am having a problem that I cannot seem to find a reason for. Maybe I have just been staring at this screen to long. lol.


      If get the


      '{' expected


      Error when I attempt to compile my website.


      I am using Flash CS4 but I am not familiar with Actionscript 3 as I am with AS 1/2 (but I do not mean to say I am an excellent coder, just somewhat decent)


      Here is a snipped of my code.


      function homepage(e:MouseEvent):Void


      //End of my snippet


      function homepage(e:MouseEvent):Void <------------It says that this is the line where '{' expected


      Any help would be great. I hope I am just making a stupid mistake and didnt notice something.


      Let me know if you need any more info to help me