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    How to create FXPL?


      1)How to create FXPL from a Flex lib project?

      2)How to create FXPL from a Flex FXP project?

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          Rob Brambley



          In Flash Builder, both FXP and FXPL are created the same.  In the beta build, the three ways to achieve this are:


          1. File > Export Flex Project (FXP)...

          2. File > Export > Flash Builder Project...

          3. Right click on project in package explorer, Export... > Flash Builder > Flash Builder Project


          The only difference between an FXP and an FXPL is that an FXPL contains only a library project, whereas an FXP will always contain a Flex project and 0 or more library projects.  When exporting a Flex project, library projects may be bundled with the FXP if the Flex project has dependencies on library projects in the workspace.



          Rob Brambley

          Engineer, Flash Builder