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    Timeline Editing Issues


      I have an existing project that allows me to edit state to state transitions in the timeline, but once I navigate to another state (or anywhere else for that matter), all of the editing I just did gets erased and it goes back to the last known transition sequence.  It also seems my project is not being saved when I try to save it.   It was working properly for awhile.  Help

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          I am sorry to hear you are running into this problem.


          A few questions to help me diagnose what is going on:

          1. It sounds like you can reproduce the problem everytime by opening the saved file and then switching states?

          2. Do you loose the edits you made just to the one transition you were just viewing or are multiple transitions affected?

          3. Regarding saving.... do you believe save is not working because when you reopen the project changes you made are missing?



          If you are able to post the file to this thread via "attach files" I can also try to diagnose your issue directly.


          - Ty

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            monkamoo Level 1

            Ty, thanks for the quick answer.  It seems a more accurate description is as follows:



            When you run the project, you will see I have a number of radio buttons grouped as a custom component.  When you go into it, here is a following example:


            For the amBrakesStart to brakesStart transition of the custom component, I want to remove all "move" transitions.  I can do this, but when I go out of it and come back in, they reappear.  Also, the preview button shows that the transition from  amBrakesStart to brakesStart works properly (even if I do not erase the move transitions), but when I run it in the browser, something funky happens.  Some of the text and radio buttons move when they should just fade out as in the preview.  This is only one example, but it applies throught the project.  I did notice that when I add a new button that any subsequent transitions for the new button seems to take.  Thanks, Don/monkamoo.com