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    Looking for Flash/Adobe Air Developer for Startup who has some free time


      We are looking for a Flash and Air developer who will be creating a Website Music Player for a new music startup Stereo9 (www.stereo9.com).   We are also looking for the developer to be able to create a desktop application in Air, which will be used if someone chooses to download a song from the website...and the desktop application will be responsible for managing the download and downloading the music to the user's computer.  The functionality between the player and the download tool is pretty simple, and we need to just get it up to a "1.0 launch phase".  The rest of the application is rather robust, so for a small investment you can become involved in this venture that has a lot of potential where we are in touch with venture capitalists including the founder of Last.fm.


      The rest of the application is developed (completed over the last 2 years) and the engineer that we had for this area of the platform is no longer available to complete that side, you will receive a percentage of the stock options of the startup and we only need the application to be at a simple 1.0 level to get things started.   Please send an email with your interest and your confidence level that you'll be able to complete all aspects of this project.