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    view pdf thumbnails


      using vista home, 64 bit; has ANYONE found a solution to this problem

      pdf file in VIEW ICONS in windows explorer only show the pdf label, not the actual thumbnail.

      i tried to REPAIR;  manually install program;  make sure that the check was off VIEW ONLY ICONS in folder option.

      has anyone else solved this another way.  i need to view hundred of documents and now i have to open each one to see contents.

      NEED HELP.

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          we have the same problem i do hope somebody can help us with this one..

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            margc44 Level 1

            open the reader program.


            FILE - OPEN ( any folder with pdf files in it).   go to the top and change the VIEW to LARGE ICONS.


            PRESTO - THEY ARE BACK!

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              I am pretty sure that the other posters are having this problem in windows explorer as I am as well.  Yah, you do get the thumbnail

              preview directly within adobe reader but this isn't really a solution to the problem just a work around.


              anyone else?

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                using windows 7 64-bit and latest Reader X still an issue - ridiculous!

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                  Kshakti Adobe Employee

                  Thumbnail view in PDF is not supported for 64-bit platforms.

                  It has support for 32-bit platforms as of now.



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                    yendor1966 Level 1

                    I don't know if this will work in any O/S that is newer than XP professional but here is the "fix"

                    I found and am really surprised that the Adobe tech people didn't offer this as a work around.


                    Locate your SysWOW64 folder in your system folder(usually C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\ and locate

                    the file "explorer.exe".


                    Create a short cut of this file in the same folder, then go to the file properties of the short cut you just made

                    and then create a Shortcut Key to it, I used Cntrl + Alt + E.  You cannot use the default keyboard shortcut

                    which is Window Key + E as that is default for the standard windows explorer.


                    This will allow you to view thumbnail previews of pdf files.


                    Have fun!

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                      cuyocksol Level 1

                      Sorry, but I don't think this is true.

                      Someone else suggested something elsewhere on a forum which has easily solved the problem for me.

                      In the Adobe Reader program, select Open file, and when it opens a window to browse your documents, change the View option at the top to 'thumbnails'. Not only will it then show you thumbnails within the Reader program, but from then on it will also display thumbnails properly even without having started up Reader, ie. anytime you use Windows Explorer.


                      (Sorry, i'm describing this procedure from memory so forgive me if not 100% accurate, but anyway it is very easy to do, and only needs doing once.)




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                        yendor1966 Level 1

                        I did forget to mention that you do need to add a switch to the target .exe which is "/separate" as shown

                        below.  And you will need to create a short cut onto your desktop so you can use it or add it to your start

                        program list.  You can also add a shortcut key as I did for eazy access.


                        But, this WILL  work as explained in the post and the suggestion you stated will only work in the adobe

                        ready file open program and does not propogate to windows explorer as you stated.

                        ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 06 17.56.jpg

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                          cuyocksol Level 1

                          so how come it's working for me now in Windows Explorer etc?

                          I didn't do any of that fancy messing around.

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                            yendor1966 Level 1

                            don't know, looks like you're the lucky one to get the easy fix where as the rest of us your solution does not work for



                            So at least anyone but you can benefit from a solution that works for them....even if they have to "do that fancy messin around"