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    Graphics drawing in a container with other childrens


      I have a container which contains a chart and I am trying to draw lines on the container and I get really weird colored lines. Basically the lines are blended with the chart and the various components inside the chart.


      Please see the screen shot.


      I have a container.

      The container contains a PlotChart

      The PlotChart contains a CartesianDataCanvas in the BACKGROUNDELEMENTS (not in the ANNOTATIONELEMNTS).

      I draw lines on the container using its graphics object. I draw the lines starting from outside the chart (but in the container) on right towards the bubble in the chart.

      Its a black color line. The line starts black, but the minute it goes into the chart territory, it blends with the chart andlooks gray.



      One solution is to have a overlay container whose alpha is set to 0. But that is besides the poiont, I am interested in knowing how this problem can be solved.