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    Flash Player in Acrobat Pro?


      Hi there,


      I have very carefully installed (and uninstalled... and installed...) the latest flash player on my computer.


      I am also running Adobe Design Premium CS4.


      I note the flash player doesn't appear in the list of players in my acrobat settings.



      I have a pdf file with flash content which does not open in Acrobat. Instead i get the following message:




      This takes me to a website (http://cgi.adobe.com/special/acrobat/mediaplayerfinder/mediaplayerfinder.cgi?) where I am told: "We're sorry, but the third-party media player required to play the selected media file in your Adobe PDF document isn't available for your system. No media player will be downloaded at this time."


      My pdf file works on any other computer i've tried... all of these computers have Flash Player shown in the list of potential 'preferred media players' above.


      I've carefully followed the instructions for removing flash (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html), and for reinstalling it. No joy yet.


      My conclusion is that flash is not installing correctly into Acrobat. I've posted questions and a support case with the Acrobat team, but they have suggested it is a flash player issue.


      Can anybody help me resolve this problem?