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    How to convert flash animation to Java for BD-J?


      Hi folks,


      I'm researching tools that can convert flash animations to Java for use in Blu-ray Disc Java applications (BD-J compatible Java, that is, compatible with the Blu-ray Java API). I found some references to a  product by Sonic called "BD-J Converter" that converts flash to Java .


      I'm having trouble (a lot of trouble) getting anyone at Sonic to respond to my technical inquiries, and google searches have not been fruitful. So I thought I'd ask if anyone knows anything about this product from Sonic.


      The data sheet on Sonic's web site doesn't really explain the artifact produced after the conversion. What does this "java" artifact look like -- what does the exported Java code look like? How does it integrate to an existing Java framework? Does it integrate at the HDMV layer or the BD-J layer?


      I know these are somewhat Blu-ray specific questions, but I thought with all the flash knowledge on this forum someone might be able to point me in the right direction.


      The data sheet does say that requirements are, among other things:

      - Adobe flash CS3 and Adobe Extension Manager

      - Scenarist BD-J 4.5 for editing and building exported code



      Many thanks in advance.