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    Memory Issue

    RndmPplPrsn Level 1

      I have 4GB of RAM, a 9800 GT EVGA NVIDIA GPU, and a 3.0 Brisbane Processor.


      How in the world is it possible that my PC is running out of RAM, when it says its only using 1.6 GB of RAM when Running Adobe Premier Elements.


      It was fine awhile ago, but now I can't add clips even though it already supports about 200-300 clips already, with somewhat ease.


      I am trying to add about 125 clips, but even Premier Elements itself is onyl taking up 400 Megabytes of RAM.


      What the heck Adobe.


      All help is very much appreciated.


      And if someone will help me with all the problems (Decently and Efficiently) that would be awesome, because this software is a huge burden and is undeniably eating away at my sanity.


      BTW PE 3.02.

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          Peter Duke

          PE has a memory leak problem. If you save your work and re-start PE often you might be able to proceed. I notice Version 7 tells me when it is getting low, which is good. Earlier versions would just freeze or crash.


          Make sure that you don't have lots of unused resources in the media bin. These apparently take up memory somehow. If I have lots of items in the resources bin, PE is liable to crash just by scrolling rapidly through the contents. It might also crash if I use the text editor.


          If at all practicable, it is best to work in small sub-projects and combine them at the end before "sharing" (hate that term!). However, if I want to move a lot of clips around, I prefer to work with just one big project and suffer the consequences.

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            RndmPplPrsn Level 1

            See this is it.


            I did all of this that you are suggesting before, but then PE just went nuts, couldn't load a project due to the memory issue.


            I had everything edited down where I had only one more scene to edit, all clips cut, and all extra media files deleted.


            So I took the stupid route and deleted and un-installed everything, because I became overfrustrated and pissed off.


            I have spent well over 100 (Pure) hours on this project alone and it won't even get close to reflecting the quality of other movies that have this much time spent on them.


            This is my 10th Major problem with Adobe PE, and I'm about to kill someone


            And i can't use the whole sub project thing.


            I have to many match cuts for that.


            I need a new life or something, or 5000 bucks for some Final Cut Pro & a Mac.

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              I dont understand why you cant use the sub-project approach. Simply save you project 2 times under two different names. Then with one project just cut it in half at a suitable point and delete the second half, then do the same with the second copy of the project, deleting the first half of your project. You can then continue to edit the two halves. When you are happy export both halves and join them in a master project.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                That solution will certainly work, Paul! Or at least be on the way to working.


                The type of video you're using, the number of clips, the number of effects, the length of your projects, the amount of downsampling required -- these all can figure into how bogged down your system becomes. And dividing your project into smaller segments, the way professionals do, will certainly help it run more efficiently.


                Though I am concerned that this is your 10th major problem! It seems as though you may have something more fundamentally wrong with you workflow. But, with limited information, it's hard to say what.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  What confuses many is that "memory" is often thought of as just RAM, when it can also mean the full gamut of resources, including Virtual Memory.


                  What are your I/O sub-system's specs, i.e. your HDD's, their size, speed, controller type and especially how everything is allocated? Pay special attention to where your Windows Virtual Memory (Page File). This information is very important, and proper HDD setup and utilization are critical to being able to do NLE work.


                  Next, what programs and Processes are running? Use Task Manager to determine what Processes are loaded at boot-up. Most computers have far more than are required, and many can be eliminated permanently, and some just when you are doing the editing. This is especially true if the computer was built by a re-seller, like Dell, Gateway, etc.. They come loaded with all sorts of bloatware. A screen-cap, or two, will save you having to do a list, with the details of the used resources.


                  I highly recommend that one pares down the programs and Processes, that get loaded. I also use a program, EndItAll2 (used to be freeware, but is now shareware), to stop running programs and Processes. One first needs to Exit from all Antivirus, spyware and pop-up blockers. You must do this manually, as they will lie to programs like EndItAll2, and tell it that they ARE necessary, as part of their job. Then, EndItAll2 will go through the list of all programs and Processes and safely unload them, freeing up a lot of resources.


                  Though there has been discussion on this, I still recommend eliminating Windows' Indexing, as it uses a lot of I/O resources, and can lock files, and basically stop a system, until it finishes indexing the files. With large files created in editing, this can take a long time, and every time that one of these files is changed (happens all the time), it starts over. At the best, it will just slow down HDD access, and at worst, will actually lock the files from the editing program, until finished.


                  For every NLE session, I do the above, plus I have eliminated, via MSCONFIG, all programs and Processes that are not essential to my workstation. EndItAll2 and a few clicks on Exit, takes care of the rest. These are programs that are useful for normal use of the computer, like AV software, but are not used during editing. Note: when doing an NLE session, you will have disarmed all of your defenses, like AV, so you should NOT have an Internet presence.


                  The chances are great that you have much going on behind the scenes, and with some tuneup to your I/O sub-system and running Processes, you can free up all needed resources.


                  The recommendations by others on ways to handle larger Projects are also very good, as are Steve's tips on optimizing one's system, especially if using Vista. Most people, who do AV editing on a commercial basis, have a dedicated NLE machine that is totally clean of all other programs, and is highly optimized just for editing. All bookkeeping, word processing, e-mail reading, etc., are done on another machine. This is usually not possible with a multipurpose computer, such as most folk have. Still, one can do a lot to trim things down, when doing NLE work. Unless there are system flaws, a "lean and mean" computer, with decent specs. can handle the workload quite well. They just need to "prepare" the computer for NLE work for each session.


                  Good luck,



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                    RndmPplPrsn Level 1

                    Ok as far as the sub-project apporach goes. I don't know what it is, I've tried this on PE 3, and P-Pro 1.5, and there are many pit falls.


                    Not to mention PE's memory problem includes me splitting up one sceen into five parts for it to actaully work. I've even tried new clean projects and it won't even want to attempt importing the files...


                    The Film is only going to be a couple of minutes.


                    I know I seem picky, and all of yall know this progam inside/out, but there are too many issues with the software.


                    I also know I am giving limited information, sorry Steve, but I am getting too lazy to write it all out.


                    Feel free to ask as many questions as possible if it helps. Or ask my stats of my computer, etc...


                    I'll offer as much help as possible, to get help.


                    And Hunt, I thought XP registers RAM as it is virtual memory.


                    And I'll try some of those ideas Hunt. But I have attached some pictures of my stats.


                    Although I could not get my stats of my HDD.


                    HDD 1: Internal, 320 GB HDD, NFTS, I think 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM, Not Sure About connection, I think its 1500 Mpbs

                    HDD 2: External, 1 TB HDD, NFTS, 7200 RPM, Seagate, Fire 800

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                      RndmPplPrsn Level 1

                      Actually to save all of you from wasting your time.


                      I have a question, because I am going to be upgrading video editing softwares soon.


                      Honestly how buggy is PE 7 generaly, with importing clips, and with this whole memory problem.


                      Rather than fix this memory problem which may take much, much, time if at all possible of even being fixed.


                      And if you guys don't think it would be a good idea for me to upgrade to PE 7, for whatever reason, what would you suggest.


                      And I know this is an Adobe Forum, so forgive me for going 'off subject'.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Unfortunately, I can't help you there. However, many on this forum and also at Muvipix have used previous versions of PE and now own PE7. They can help you with your question.


                        Unfortunately, when I see people having problems with version X of some software, and then they move to version Y, it seems that they have the same problems, only now they have upgraded and feel even more stressed about the issues.


                        When diagnosing issues with an NLE, I see things sorting out in this order:


                        1.) Assets (majority)

                        2.) System (next most likely)

                        3.) NLE (far less often, and seldom version-specific, though not always)


                        I know that this does not help you, and does not help your situation, but I wanted to offer the observation.


                        As for other NLE's, I hear good things about the Vegas programs, but have never used any. I love PrPro and it has never failed me on any front. I also use CyberLink's Power Director and Magix Movie Edit Pro, and for the little use that they get, seem to work fairly well. Even on my workstation that has never crashed with PrPro with mega-Projects, I've had crashes with both. I used to use Pinnacle Studio and then Avid Liquid. These were "crash city," and after every edit, I'd hit Ctrl-s, and prey.


                        So far, PE4 has been stable, and this is on a laptop, though a very healthy, robust one.


                        Good luck,



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                          Paul_LS Level 4

                          Adobe "beefed" up the memory management in PE7 in order to be able to support AVCHD. But unfotunately I dont think it will help in your case. PE7 still has trouble with large projects with several hundred assets. Only way to overcome it is to work with a number of smaller projects.


                          What you find is that the page file grows and grows as assets are added, when the combined page file and physical memory top 3GB PE7 will crash or grind to a halt.

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                            Eelco van Vliet

                            I had exactly the same problem. I have AMD quad core with 4Gig memory and Vista32.


                            Now it seems that PE7 has a memory leak, and Adobe up to now has not fixed it. Also Vista32 only allows 2 Gig of memory per process unlike Vista64 and windows7.


                            Now I got PE7 reasonably stable by telling Vista to allow more memory per process.


                            I had to access the RUN command as follows:
                            START BUTTON -->ALL PROGRAMS -->ACCESSORIES-->RUN


                            What I actually keyed into the box was:
                            BCDEDIT /set increaseuserva 4096

                            This allows 4Gig per process. I have set it to 3064 and most of the memory problems are gone.

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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              Thank you for this Eelco. I'll include it in our FAQs, if that is okay with you.