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    Flash Video not showing up in FireFox


      Hello Friends,


      Currently I cannot get my flash file to show up on one section of my webpage in firefox, but it loads fine in all other browsers. This is the second flash file that I have added and the first one works perfectly fine. The website files are all .php and is driven by templates.


      I have wmode set to opaque as before and haven't used any different publishing .smv settings. However to have it show up I have to change the php file for the webpage and add a "/"  to the <param name="movie" value="/new.swf" /> line before the movie file name. The file is placed in the directory.


      The tricky thing is that in the other movie I didn't have to place this / sign and it works in all browsers. I have republished and republished and can't get anything to work.


      the website is www.asuu.utah.edu


      the flash video that does not play is located at www.asuu.utah.edu/mwcsummit


      and the flash video that does play is www.asuu.utah.edu/boards


      Thank you for all your help, if anyone would like a code breakdown please ask.