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    Shockwave crash when changing swa stream


      I am building a heavily narrated anatomy presentation. For every object in the diagram  selected there is a narration file , swa , to be played. For each screen in the presentation there may be 80 to 120 of these files. There is no way I can embed all this  audio so I am streaming it in. I have created on swa cast member and am changing the URL address to point to a different audio piece with mouse clicks on lines of copy text. When I click a differnt line of text I stop the current stream, change the URL, and play the swa cast member again. This has been working well in author mode, but when I create the shockwave file I am getting an IE error almost every click. The problem has seemed to grow or is at least erratic. Sometimes the problem is more sensitive than others, that is sometimes I get some clicks to work than others don't. And double clicking the text line causes an error too. I am pulling my hair out trying to get this to work. Does anyone know what I can do toget this correct.