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    [svn:fx-trunk] 7700: Integrated TLF build 450.

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      Revision: 7700

      Author:   gosmith@adobe.com

      Date:     2009-06-09 21:31:13 -0700 (Tue, 09 Jun 2009)


      Log Message:


      Integrated TLF build 450. This integration required no changes to framework code.




      From TLF's ReleaseNotes.txt:


      Build 450


      • Fix bug 330941 BackgroundColor and Color export differently

      - backgroundColor now exports in 0x hex format


      Build 449


      • Eliminate IInternalFlowComposer interface


      • Fix 2328573 - remove textLine from BackgroundManager's cache when calling recreateTextLine() with recycled line.


      • Fix 2347701 SelectionManager and EditManager keyDownHandlers should call event.preventDefault() if they handle the key


      Build 448


      • Changing behavior of vertical alignment of bottom or middle when content height exceeds container height with scrolling on. Now it will act as top aligned.


      Build 447


      • Rename TextFlow.getElementById to getElementByID


      Build 446


      • Review changes - TextContainerManager

      1) setText parameter named text

      2) setTextFlow parameter named textFlow

      3) hasScrollRect should be private


      Build 445


      • Fix 2340553 Insert of "auto" sized InlineGraphics don't undo


      • Fix 2331720 TextContainerManager.getText - the parameter is a separator and is not added after the last paragraph


      • Fix the width of the paragraph terminator should not be included as part of the content width in lineBreak=explicit mode.


      • Fix cursor blinks in read-select mode, it should not blink. Now check the interactionManager's editingMode before setting the blinkRate.


      • Fix links at the end of the TextFlow don't cause the cursor to change to a hand cursor when the mouse passes over the link.Build 443


      • Fix 2297125 Vertical adjustment now adds height proportional to existing line spacing, even when lines are created using the text line factory


      • Fix 2305477 Added support for compilation of linkNormalFormat, linkActiveFormat and linkHoverFormat in mxml


      • Added an sdk example for context menu


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