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    CS3 License on Imac and MacBook Pro

    Alim Bolar


      I have 3 licenses for CS3 Design Premium. Two of them are used on a PC and one of them on my machine (Imac).


      Now I have recently purchased a Macbook Pro and I want to use the same license as that on the Imac for my laptop. Can I do it?


      I am assuming that both machines should not be used simultanously. Now when I am travelling with my Macbook, my fixed machine (Imac) is not really used by anyone else but there are chances that someone might just browse through and use CS3 occassionally. In that case am I breaching the contract?


      Is there a method where only when I log in then I can use CS3 on the Imac? This would ensure that while I am travelling people can use my Imac as a guest login but not use CS3.


      In any case, my first requirement is can i install my single license on an Imac and Macbook Pro?